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    Forum Rules- Read Before Posting


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    Forum Rules- Read Before Posting

    Post  Lordoc on Mon Sep 07, 2009 2:38 pm

    Do not spam

    Please don't spam. Spamming is against the rules and can get you a 5 day ban. Spamming is when you type something thats not with the Tittle or Forum...

    Do not advertise

    This forum isn't for you to advertise your site. If you want your website to be noticed add it to your Signature or as Main Website

    Do not flame

    Do not insult or harass any users on this forum. If you have a problem with another user then take it somewhere else. If a user is Flaming you, just contact Moderators or Administrator.

    Do not "Backseat moderate"

    Do not act like a moderator unless you are one, if you see someone breaking the rules report it and ignore it. Reports are the fastest way for a staff member to be informed of an issue and ignoring the post will make their job much easier. If you notice a new user is breaking the rules, kindly direct him or her to the forum rules. Backseat moderating will hinder your chances of becoming a moderator as opposed to reporting and ignoring and will eventually lead to warnings.

    Do not double post

    Double posting is posting twice or more in the same topic in a row. If you want to add something to your post, use the edit feature. Double posting is only permitted when at least a twelve hour time period has elapsed since your last post and you are adding information regarding your previous post. Do not double post to bump a topic, instead use the bump feature at the bottom of the topic. Bumps are only permitted in support topics.

    No alternate accounts

    Do not register more than one account, if you want a username change then PM an administrator and something will be worked out. If you are banned do not make another account, wait it out. (Lordoc will create account named "Admin" to see how the forum works to normal users)

    Do not use profanity

    Do not Curse on this forum, the forum has sensors that blocks bad words, if we catch you cursing you will get a 5 day ban, this forum needs to be safe for other users.

    Do not discuss adult material

    This includes, but is not limited to, obscenity, drug abuse, violence, and sexual discussion. This forum is designed for viewers of all ages, and such discussion is strictly prohibited here.

    Do not link to warez

    Do not link to illegal programs, keygens, pirated software/works, Hacks or other inappropriate Links.

    These rules can be modified at anytime without notification, therefore please be sure to check this page frequently. Failure to comply to these rules will result in warnings and eventually banning. Users who receive five warnings will be permanently banned from this forum.

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